Recent Before & After Photos

A hoarding situation in Cheyenne, WY

Here in Cheyenne, Wyoming, a couple inherited a home from a relative who had passed away. When they went to the home and saw the condition of it, they immediate... READ MORE

The underneath side of a staircase covered in mold

In 2020, a homeowner contacted us after he had had a leaking pipe fixed, but was smelling some musty odors in his home. Once he called us to his home, we did a ... READ MORE

Floor of a fire damage

In 2019 there was a fire here in Cheyenne, WY that left the home with extensive soot and smoke damage throughout. The room pictured is one of the rooms that was... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Cheyenne Wyoming!

The fire started in March 2017 in Cheyenne Wyoming. The fire started as a brush fire that ended up burning 40 acres of land, a barn and a fence before setting t... READ MORE